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ROSSO &  WINE, LLC,  was  born  on December 6 2022,  thanks  to  the professional  synergy and the longtime friendship between  Paola  Cipollina and Chiara  Regazzi.

Paola and Chiara have now became a beloved and esteemed reality in the heart of the Midwest, because they shared the idea  and the dream of starting a distribution and direct sales channel and at the same time an  online  sales  channel (e-commerce) aimed at Italian wine and agri-food products arises from the desire to position itself as an  innovative bridge between Italian and American culture, in  order to bring the tastes and the traditions of a potential clientele in the territories of Iowa and all over the Midwest closer to the uniqueness and the quality of the "Made in Italy" brand, truly loved and known all over the world.
Being  that  of  Italy  an  exporting  economy  with  an important  export  trend  in  the  world, the  intent is  to bring to a highly  receptive and strategic outlet market such as the Iowan one, and  the  Midwest, new  tastes, new buying patterns and  new  consumer  habits of the Italian food industry. 
Therefore  the  core  values  of  Rosso  &  Wine  are  those linked  to  awareness,  uniqueness,  innovation,  quality, research,  professionalism  and  skills,  sustainability  and continuous growth.


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Paola Cipollina

Paola & Chiara

Chiara Regazzi

What Our Clients Say

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Jacksen Kargol

"A little piece of Italy, in the middle of Iowa. Great food and great people. This was needed."
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